Pet Clips:

"Pet clips" are the only type of clip that I provide; with comfort in mind, I strive to provide a clip that is best suited for each individual dog to suit their needs dependent upon their lifestyle. Providing the most suitable clip is not only essential while I am grooming your dog, but a clip that will provide the most comfort between grooming appointments as well. Of course it is important to me to keep in mind with what their owner is wanting, however the dog’s best interests always comes first; providing COMFORT to your dog will always be my top priority.

"Show clips" are for dogs that were specifically bred, raised and trained to be Show Dogs. These clips take a long period of time, (requiring a lot of well-learned patience from the dog) to provide the essence of style. Show dogs are trained at a very early age to sit quietly on a grooming table for many hours at a time so they can achieve the intricate styling that is required.

** Please note that if your dog has excessive knots/mats than I will only be able to provide the type of grooming care that is in the best interest of your dog. Removing mats is uncomfortable & if tight to the skin, they can be quite painful to remove if they are not shaved off, so if your dog is severely matted I will only be able to provide the most humane clip; a complete shave down to start over. I will then help you so that this matting will never happen to your dog again, either by showing you the right equipment to use/how to use the equipment properly or get you on a more frequent grooming schedule.

Excessive matting is not only painful for your dog to endure but it can also lead to other issues; such as foreign objects (sticks, thorns, spear grass etc.) working their way into their skin, the skin is not able to breathe which can lead to over heating, sores & hot spots; excessive matting is a serious issue & should be avoided for the improved health, well being & happiness of your dog. **

Angella Grooming

Hours of Operation: 

  • Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Sundays,Mondays,Holidays & Stats: OFF


  • $70.00 per dog, per hour. This includes the G.S.T.
    For an owner with multiple dogs (X3 or more and all the dogs must be living together within the same home) I may be able to reduce my rate if it does not take me the full hour per dog (I used to have 4 dogs so I get it!)

    Additional Charges include:

    • $10-$50 for excessive matting of the fur
      **(I try to avoid this charge, as I would rather educate my clients to prevent excessive matting from reoccurring)
    • $10-30 for bathing **(this charge will be added to my hourly rate)
    • $70 for not giving 24 hours notice to cancel or to reschedule an appointment ( Unless it is Covid related ). Please understand that if I have reserved an appointment for you, without a minimum of 24hrs to reschedule, this will likely be a loss of income for me, so thank you for your understanding with regards to giving proper notice to cancel or to reschedule.

    * NOTE TO MY VALUED CLIENTS: Please understand & respect the need for requiring 24 hours notice to either cancel/reschedule an appointment (as this can be a loss of income for me, if I am unable to fill the time allotted for our scheduled appointment), emergencies are the only exceptions.
    Thank you for your cooperation with regards to this matter. *

    • $70 no show
    • Hugs, kisses and praises are free!

    Grooming W/bath;

    • Pre clip
    • Shampoo
    • Blow Dry
    • Comb
    • Finish clip

    Grooming W/O bath;

    • Comb 
    • Finish clip
    • Both services include nail clipping, ear cleaning & (only if needed) external anal gland expression.

    The majority of my clients bathe their dog, either before (if the coat has no mats) or after. Bathing the day before or the day after is not only less expensive, but will shorten the grooming process considerably making it much easier & less stressful on your dog.

    * I am only able to bathe dogs small enough to fit in a kitchen/laundry sink, as it is hard on my back to bend over for long periods of time over a bathtub; sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. *

    Angella Grooming

    Ear plucking, to pluck or NOT to pluck???

    I have learned that plucking the ear hair (especially for breeds that have a lot of ear hair growth such as; Shih Tzu’s, Bichons, Poodles, Maltese etc.) is a preventative measure against ear infections & is a necessity for dogs that are susceptible to ear infections.

    * The facts that support this statement are as follows:

    • The ear hair can reduce/block adequate air circulation into the ear canal
    • The roots of the ear hair can also allow the wax & debris to buildup & adhere to the hair follicles creating an ideal breeding ground for yeast to develop. *

     I have also learned that plucking the ear hair can also open & expose the pores to bacteria which in some cases can lead to an infection, so to reduce this risk, I add 2 drops of a preventative solution after plucking. Although I believe strongly that plucking is an important preventative step to the care of certain dogs that benefit from this care, I will ultimately do what their owner is wanting with regards to this matter. 

    External Anal Gland Expression:

    You should have your Veterinarian perform an internal expression of your dog's anal glands at least 1-2 times a year (your vet may recommend more or less frequently if needed). Expressing the glands internally is essential to protect against glands becoming full or compacted. Only groomer's that have been taught by a Veterinarian or Certified Groomer should be providing external expressions of your dog's anal glands, as more harm can be done to the anal glands if done by an inexperienced/ unqualified individual. External expressions will only help to temporarily relieve any possible pressure, but will not alone protect against compacted anal glands.

    Ideally it is best for the dog to express his or her own anal glands. As interfering with expressing the anal glands too frequently or unnecessarily can lead to damaging the muscles on either side of the glands, which could have a lasting effect by preventing the dog from expressing their own anal glands naturally.

    * I only provide external expressions of the anal glands if I feel that it is needed & knowing that I am working with your vet & not in place of your vet. Compacted anal glands are a very serious and painful condition. As a preventative measure to protect your dog, regular visits with both your vet and your groomer is essential. *

    Signs associated with full or compacted anal glands are:

    • Whimpering, whining or crying
    • Running their rear end along the ground
    • Sudden change in your dog's temperament, such as being aggressive due to the constant pressure & soreness of the anal glands
    • Obsessive behavior, such as licking parts of their body (paws, hindquarters etc.) due to the constant pressure & soreness of the anal glands. An obsessive behavior can easily evolve into a chronic illness if not resolved quickly.

    Map of Areas Included for Services

    If you have any questions regarding Groomer 2 Go's Professional Mobile Dog Grooming Services please don't hesitate to contact me at 250-474-9376 or send me an email.