Meet Angella

Hello, I’m Angella Jennings and ever since I can remember I have always known that I wanted to work with animals, so at the age of 15 I began my journey into dog grooming. During the first 2 years I had the opportunity (through a school program) to volunteer at a local Veterinary clinic & then at a grooming salon. From both of these experiences it solidified my direction, as I knew that I wanted to become a professional dog groomer.

Over the next 6 years, after working in 3 different grooming salons & learning from several different dog groomers, I became more confident with my skills/abilities & developed my own style, however as much as I loved grooming I found that I was not happy working in grooming salons.

" As much as I love grooming, I had to find my own way to be completely happy! "

While working in the salons I was usually stressed & overwhelmed due to all of the distractions; phones ringing, customers coming & going, dogs continuously barking, dryers & fans running, not to mention that time was always a factor. I also did not agree with grooming dogs in an assembly line (all of the dogs waiting their turn in crates, where one by one they were pre-clipped, bathed, dried & then finished clipped). So at the age of 23 I left the salons & ventured on my own…

On my own I found the perfect balance through incorporating my love for grooming by going into my clients homes, where I could take my time & provide a more exclusive one on one type of service. I found that I am able to connect with my clients & their dogs much easier in the comfort of their own home (especially if I am working with older, younger, anxiety or handicapped dogs; some just need that extra special time and attention that cannot be attained in a fast paced, high stressed environment). I also have the time to explain in detail to my clients the entire grooming process, the type of tools that they should be using on their dogs between grooming appointments as well as discussing diets and/or any other health concerns that my clients may have.

"I feel it is extremely important for my clients to be a part of the grooming process. "

Most importantly I am all about the welfare of the animal. Animal's feelings should always be taken into consideration in ALL aspects of their life and should always come first. So I will always provide the most stress free/comfortable grooming experience for your beloved animal as possible.

Excellence in Customer Service is also extremely important to me and I value my visitors’ and client's opinions. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding my mobile grooming service please send me an email. I would love to hear from you!!


Angella Jennings