Sept.3rd 2012

“My dog Scruffy is one of the lucky ones, who almost from the start had the good fortune to have Angella as his groomer. Angella is gentle, friendly and is always on time. Scruffy does not have to wait for hours for his turn as his grooming’s are done in his own home, where all of Angella’s attention is on him. She is patient and very professional. Over the years she became not just a friend, but almost part of the family.

Kristina Pete


Sept.3rd 2012

“Angella has been grooming my dog Ochi for all ten years of his life & it is because she comes to my home that my dog is less stressed from grooming. Angella is kind, gentle and efficient. We have discovered together what best suits my little dog. Angella is very open to new ideas including discussions re grooming, diet and health. I treasure her involvement in our pet's lives.”

Anne O’Gorman


Sept.3rd 2012

“My dog Sammy Baggins has been a client of Groomer 2 Go for approximately 9 years. During that time Sammy has been well cared for and the grooming has been of the highest quality. Angella is very patient, calm and kind.”

Jennifer Blair

Sept.3rd 2012

“Angella has been providing grooming services for us for at least 10 years and she is a dream come true! Comes to our house, gently grooms our dog, is knowledgeable, highly professional, and charges a very reasonable rate. Our previous dog had likely been mistreated at a grooming salon and was quite anxious...with Angella; we would get the job done with lots of TLC. She has a busy schedule so book in advance!”

Barb Landell


Sept.3rd 2012

“Angella has been grooming our dog Snowball for the past 8 years and has always done a great job, our dog isn't always the most co-operative dog while getting groomed and she has an amazing way of handling him. I would highly recommend her for dog grooming.”

Lori Douglas

Sept.2nd 2012

“Angella has groomed two of my dogs for several years now. She is very patient and my little dog always looks so cute when she is finished. Angella is very reliable and accommodating and you can tell, after the first meeting with her that she loves animals. Angella’s outgoing and friendly personality makes our visits very enjoyable.

Wendy Lidgate


Sept.4th 2012

“Lacey; our English Springer Spaniel, counts Angella as one of her best friends. Angella’s friendship with Lacey makes grooming a happy day in Lacey’s life. Angella’s skills and caring makes even the difficult parts of grooming, non-stressful as Lacey has arthritis & it’s hard for her to stand for long periods of time. And of course we and Lacey are happy with her cut and care.”

Donna Hall


Sept.4th 2012

"Angella has been grooming our cockapoo “Emma”, for over 11 years and we are thrilled with the service that she provides! It is wonderfully convenient to have her come right to our home, & I am sure Emma appreciates staying in her familiar surroundings. Angella has a kind, caring manner with animals & a way of making the entire process go smoothly - from head to tail!"

Susanne Martman


Sept.7th 2012

“Angella has been grooming Pebbles for about 12 yrs. She makes Pebble’s feel calm and secure. It is so convenient to have Angella groom Pebbles in our home and for that reason it has always been a positive experience for myself & Pebbles. I highly recommend Angella to anyone who is looking for a groomer for their dog.”

Debe Rosset

Sept.17th 2012

“I have been using Angella’s mobile grooming service for over 15 years. Each and every visit has been a very positive experience, both for myself and for my dogs. Angella is extremely gentle, loving and thorough throughout each grooming experience. Her love of animals is very obvious as she takes the time to “check in” with the dog and speak to him/her during the grooming process in a very calm and caring way. Angella always takes care of all my dogs needs, including nails, ears, teeth, and paws and completes the grooming with any of my own personal requests. I would not hesitate to recommend Angella to any dog owner who cares for their pet. Angella is a “first class” groomer with a real attention to detail.”

Tracy Petrini

Sept.21st 2012

“It has been my pleasure to have Angella as my dog groomer & friend for the past 8 years. I am happy to have Angella groom both my Havanese in the comfort & stress free atmosphere of my home, especially so that can I be close at hand to help if I am needed. I highly recommend Angella as an excellent, gentle & kind groomer.

Helen Tudor